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August 22, 2003
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IT for indegenous peoples in Malaysia

The young activist and IT specialist Jenifer Lasimbang gives voice to indigenous peoples, and believes in the posibilities of the internet promoting democracy, networks and empowerment for marginalised groups
Jenifer Lasimbang from Malaysia is engaged in indigenous peoples of Sabah, the Malaysian part of Borneo, and how they have experimented with IT communication technology
as a tool for defending their rights as indigenous peoples.

Jenifer Lasimbang is herself an indigenous Kadazan from Sabah, and her knowledge is based on a research project she carried out during the summer 2003.

She has supported various community based programs under PACOS TRUST for the conservation and development of culture, education, socio-economic and health among the Indigenous peoples of Sabah´; Borneo, Malaysia.

Jenifer Lasimbang has given speeches on IT literacy in seminars and talks organized by Sabah Information Technology Council´.
Author: Karin Bergquist


August 2003: Indiana University, School of Informatics. Master of Science in Human Computer Interaction, Bloomington, Indiana.

February 1998: Northern University of Malaysia. Bachelor in Information Technology (Honors) Kedah, Malaysia.


September 2003 - now : University Malaysia Sabah.
Lecturer, School of Engineering and Information Technology.
Teaching undergraduate courses in programming, math and Human-Computer Interaction, Sabah, Malaysia

August 2002 -May 2003:
University Information Technology Services
Computer Consultant.
Provided customer support for students, faculties and staff of Indiana University at the Student Technology Centers, Bloomington, Indiana.

September 2000 - August 2001:
University Malaysia Sabah. Teaching Assistant/Tutor. Taught undergraduate courses in C programming, Data Structures in C and Discrete Math Sabah, Malaysia.

January 1999 -August 2000:
Informatics College. Lecturer
´Taught Diploma and Advance Diploma level courses such as Introduction to C & Visual FoxPro Programming´;
Supervised the Student Council with its sports & recreational activities. Sabah, Malaysia.

January 1998 -December 1998:
Jesselton Communications PTE. LTD.
Marketing Executive, Network Dept.
Prepared network proposal on SUN platform for medium to large sized companies, Sabah, Malaysia.

May 1997 - July 1997:
University of Saskatchewan. Participant of Student
Exchange Program. Industrial attachment at Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food.
Developed an online discussion forum for its Equity Fund (AFEF). Saskatoon, Canada

Computer Skills:
Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access´
Competent in C, Java, BASIC and VISUAL FOXPRO programming -
Computer repair and maintenance

Special Skills:
Language proficiencies in English, Malay, Kadazan (Indigenous language of Borneo) and conversational Mandarin and Indonesian

Volunteer Experience:
´Supported various community based programs under PACOS TRUST for the conservation and development of culture, education, socio-economic and health among the Indigenous peoples of Sabah´; Borneo, Malaysia
Hosted state level cultural events during Harvest Festival celebrations.


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