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Floriane Gaber


Word on the Streets

Floriane Gaber is a writer, researcher, journalist, teacher and cultural consultant. She is a well-travelled European commentator and critic of street theatre, mime, circus and spoken/written word performance. She has been published widely and is a regular contributor to cultural and arts journals and magazines.
Born in Belgium in 1962, and now living and working in Paris, Floriane Gaber describes herself as “willing to share and spread as much information and love (as energy) as I can in the world and amongst people”. She writes criticism and commentary on circus, street arts, poetry, dance and other performing arts in Europe and around the world. She writes and publishes in both French and English and has published reviews of events in France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Finland, Montenegro, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Uzbekistan, Tadzhikistan, Armenia, and Quebec.
She is a lecturer at the Universities of Paris III, Paris XI, Evry and Cergy in press, expression and communication techniques, street arts, poetry reading, literature. In addition she is a teacher of diction, elocution, history of literature and the theatre. She is responsible for the general co-ordination of the UNICA Students conference in Paris, the 6th Forum of Plastic Arts in Ile-de-France, Africa en Creations in Lille on behalf of the AFAA (now CulturesFrance), and The Springtime of Poets on the campus of the University of Paris XI in Orsay. She also coordinates the ARAR (Association of Research on Street Arts) at the University of Paris III.
She holds a PhD in Modern Literature (sociology of literature) from the University of Paris III.
Her recent writing includes:
2005 : “The street arts publics in Europe”, on behalf of Eunetstar
2005 : “Mentoring, the accompaniment of transnational productions”, on behalf of Eunetstar
2004 : “Another view on the city, a typology of street performances”, on behalf of ISTF (Internationaal Straat Theater Festival, Ghent)
Author: Adam Jeanes


2005-2007 Running of critics’ workshops at the Théâtre National de la Colline, at the Odéon, at the Academy of Bordeaux
2006 Successful application for a study launched by the European Parliament about street arts in Europe
Writing of a documentary program about Chalon’s festival and the history of street performances in France and in Europe
2006 Preparation of two « European brunchstormings » about arts in open air and European Cultural Capitals.
2005 Study on theatre companies in the Ile de France for ARCADI-OPALE
Study on communication for culture experts in the French-speaking community of Belgium
Running of a training session for European critics at the Festival of Valladolid (Spain)
Running of a seminar on street theatre at the Gwacheon festival (Korea)
2002- 2006 Writing of documents for Eunetstar, the European networks of street show festivals; assistance in translation of encounters, creation and direction of a critics’ workshop in Ljubljana, co-ordination of a survey on European street theatre festival publics, study on mentoring
2002 Production of the program Atelier de Création for the radio station France Culture, Sous les jupes de Lili, devoted to the juggler Jérôme Thomas
1992-1994 Running of the review Rues de l’Université (copyediting, selection of contributors and texts, interface with the graphics team) at the University of Paris III
1990 Accompaniment of dancers and choreographers from Central and Eastern Europe invited to France during The Summer of the East organized by the Ministry of Culture and the French Association of Artistic Action, and writing of the general report
1989-1992 Writing of press releases and promotional brochures (theatre and dance companies, museums, local administrations, etc.) for Francom
1987-2007 Articles on dance, theatre (actors’, gesture, street, for children) and the circus in L’Avant-Scène Théâtre, Cassandre, Danser, Les Saisons de la danse, Rues de l’Université, Gestes, Arts de la piste, Rue de la folie, Rezo international, www.fluctuat.net)


1998 PhD dissertation in Modern Literature (sociology of literature), University of Paris III
1989 Masters in Theatre Studies, University of Paris III


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