Arunas Gudaitis

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borderline experience, language, power, stereotype, transformation
Visual Arts (drawing, object, performance, video art)
Europe, Baltic
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July 17, 2003
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Inner direction - External reality

Arunas Gudaitis was born in Vilnius, Lithuania in 1973 where he lives and works. He studied in the sculpture department of Vilnius Academy of Arts. His work addresses issues of power, language and transformation. He both comments on and seeks to find new ways of communicating with society.
Lithuanian artist Arunas Gudaitis was born in Vilnius in 1973. He studied at the Vilnius Academy of Arts and continues to live and work in the city.

He works in a variety of media, including video, drawings, print and performance. He has been selected for international artists’ residencies at Foundation Artists’ House, Boswil in Switzerland and at KulturKontakt in Vienna, Austria. Although he only completed his MA at Vilnius Academy of Arts in 2001, he has exhibited in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway and Finland as well as in the Baltic States.

Arunas Gudaitis was shortlisted for the Visiting Arts Spike Island International Fellowship in 2002.

Artist’s statement

The most important thing for me is a process of thought during which the final work of art starts to take shape. The process of thought is one where I live strictly in the present moment. This is the way to step over the border of future/past and get into a new physical and mental space. The relationship to the surrounding environment becomes more intense which enables me to concentrate on the possibilities of communication. It try to see the essence of the situation. I also want to step out of traditional art spaces and see my works existing in other everyday spaces.

In the materials I use, I try to stress the physical aspect, to show the material at its extreme. I also try to find new ways of using the chosen material. With my works I try to raise questions, which sometimes in the process of its formulation, turns into an answer, as it provokes further questions.
Author: Judith Staines


Arunas Gudaitis was born in Vilnius, Lithuania in 1973 where he lives and works. He studied in the sculpture department of Vilnius Academy of Arts, completing a Masters degree in 2001. He has been selected for international residencies in Switzerland and with KulturKontakt in Austria.


the meeting point

Film / TV,
Video 5´30" In the evenings I see young men getting together. They are proud, straight, brave, agressive, with a minimum compulsory education. They get together; stand in a circle, as if preparing for a ritual dance, at a special meeting point. Shoulder to shoulder.


Exhibition / Installation,
2003 ´We are coming´, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania 2003 ´Meeting Place´, Rydals Museum, Sweden; Rogalands Art Centre, Norway; The Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland; The Former Printing House, Lithuania; The Museum of Foreign Art, Latvia; Art Museum of Estonia, Rotermanni Saltstorage Exhibition Hall, Estonia. 2002 ´Confused Bodies´, Hinterconti Gallery, Hamburg, Germany 2002 ´ArtGenda´, 4th Biennial for artists from the Baltic Sea region, Hamburg, Germany 2002 ´So Colourful is Our World´, EuropaSeminar 2002, Brandenburg, Germany 2001 Annual Exhibition, Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau, Switzerland 2001 ´Self Esteem: Lithuanian Art 01´, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius


Exhibition / Installation,
2003 Lithuania-Latvia: 2 Show, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius 2004 ´Faster than History´, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland


Exhibition / Installation,
2003 Kunstraum Aarau Gallery, Aarau, Switzerland KulturKontakt Gast Atelier, Vienna Austria Display Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic (with Laura Stasiulyte)

excuse me, I would like to ask you

Film / TV,
Video 12´30" The idea of my work appeared when I was reading a German textbook. All of the twelve questions, shown on video, are from this language tuition book.

border involute (1.94 sq. m)

Digital print, wood, 57x57x57cm With the help of digital photography and computer, photographs of my entire body are brought to a plane. After calculating the surface area of my body, I distribute it into six equal planes which form a cube.


Production / Performance,
Performance Duration: 25 minutes The performance took place on a popular beer terrace in Vilnius. Like the other clients, I sat at the table. I ordered a glass of beer and a bottle of ´Mild´ ketchup. After some time, a waitress brought me the ketchup. I slowly and deliberately began to apply the ketchup - first on my face, then my hair, then my clothes...


Pencil on paper 1998/2002 Topographical and psychological images of Lithuania Drawings from a series play with stereotypical images of the Lithuanian nation.


2003 KulturKontakt, Vienna, Austria
2001 Artist-in-Residence, Foundation Artists´ House, Boswil, Switzerland

1999 ´The Right to Have a Body´, 1st Prize, Alternative Festival of Fashion and Arts, Vilnius, Lithuania


This artist took part in the following project(s) organized/funded by the partner institutions.

Spike Island International Fellowship 2002

(30 October 01 - 30 July 02)


Contemporary Art Centre, Lithuania

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Excuse me, I would like to ask you ...
Excuse me, I would like to ask you ...
The Meeting Point