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Macedonia (FYR), England (UK)
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May 30, 2003
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Goran Stefanovski


The Balkans in an European context

Dramatist and playwright Goran Stefanovski was born in Macedonia. He worked in Yugoslavia as one of its most prominent theatre professionals until the early 90s, when he moved to England. His career was deeply affected by the collapse of the communist regime in East Europe and the war in Yugoslavia in 1992. His works became engaged with the social and political problems in Ex-Yugoslavia and their repercussion in Europe. Stefanovski has written the scripts for a number of productions, dealing with issues of migration, social conflict, post-communist transition and multicultural identity. Among them are Hotel Europa (2000) and Landscape X: Euralien (1998), both produced by Intercult, Stockholm.
Author: Yuliana Yankova


Goran Stefanovski was born 1952 in Skopje, Macedonia (f.d. Yugoslavia). He worked as a playwright in Ex-Yugoslavia until 1992, when he followed his family to England, his wife´s homecountry.
In 1986 he founded the playwriting course at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje, Macedonia. He worked there as a lecturer even after he moved to England, until 1998.
Presently he is a free-lance writer living in Canterbury, U.K. His plays have been translated into 6 European languages. He also teaches at Christ Church College and the University of Kent in Canterbury. He is a visiting professor at Dramatiska Institutet in Stockholm.


Hotel Europa

Production / Performance,
A site-specific landscape on tour in Europe 2000-2001. Co-produced with Wiener Festwochen, Festival d´Avignon, Bologna 2000, Bonner Biennale 2000. Co-directed by 10 of the finest European performing arts professionals, rooted in the Balkans and the Baltics. Each invited artist created a ”room”, based on a storyline conceived by Goran Stefanovski.

How Terribly Strange to Be Seventy

Film / TV,
Produced by GetFilm, Stockholm.

The Crazy House

Film / TV,
Children TV series on resolution of conflicts. Produced by the Children Television Network in New York City.

Tales of a City

Production / Performance,
Theatre Melange, London

Landscape X: Euralien

Production / Performance,
A part of a trilogy focusing on art in transition in Eastern and Central Europe. Produced by Intercult, Stockholm. Landscape X was comprised of the projects Re-mapping, Euralien, Utopia/Dystopia in the course of 1997-98. In collaboration with Stockholm - Cultural Capital of Europe 1998.


Production / Performance,
Stadsteatern, Stockholm


Production / Performance,
An international co-production with artists from the Albanian Drama Theatre, The Turkish Drama Theatre and the Macedonian National Theatre - all from Skopje, Macedonia.


Production / Performance,
Tricycle Theatre, London


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Hotel Europa

(01 October 99 - 31 December 00)

Landscape X

(01 May 98 - 31 December 98)


Hotel Europa

A production based on text by Goran Stefanovski
Hotel Angels
Maiden Voyage