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September 11, 2003
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Dark humour and sympathy

A playwright deeply marked by reality

"Allow me to present myself: I am a human being which one stole the identity. Of me, thet only thing which I then affirm with certainty, is that I am a woman, that I am on the threshold of maturity and that I live in Europe, per hour of the change of millenium. Alll the remainder is rather vague, undecided and opaque."
Biljana Srbljanovic was born in Belgrade in 1970 and studied dramaturgy and theatre at the Academy of Dramatic Arts. In 1995 she concluded the first part of her "Belgrade Trilogy" which was staged for the first time in 1997 in Belgrade at the Dramatic Theatre of Yugoslavia. The play toured western Europe and Scandinavia and was translated into German and English.
The second part of the trilogy, "Stories of Family" was staged in 1998 by Atelier 212 and was awarded best new piece at the Novi Sad Festival. The third and finalpart was finished in 1999 and entitled "Pad / The Fall" and opened in 2000 at the Festival of Grad teater in Budva, Montenegro. She also wrote "Amerika" that opened at Atelier 212 in November 2003.
Her lates project is "Alice", and she is in the final process writing this new drama. The theme can be described as Alice in EU-land. An incomprehensible bureaucratic world were only the special few have access. A Europe that not even all the European countries have access to.
Biljana Srbljanovic is also a part-time lecturer at the Academy of Dramatic Arts.
Author: Annika Salomonsson



Production / Performance,
A play written by Biljana Srbljanovic and co-producted by Intercult, Sweden and Belgrad Atelier 212. Opening in Belgrad at Atelier 212 in September 2004.


Production / Performance,
Her play “Amerika” opened at Atelier 212 in November 2003.


Production / Performance,

The Fall

Production / Performance,

Stories of Family

Production / Performance,

The Belgrade Trilogy

Production / Performance,


Ernst Toller Prize in 1999