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February 18, 2004
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Rumi was started in 1999 by Reza Abaee as a fusion band, with an initial line-up featuring Shahram Gholami, Ali Razmi, Ali Rahimi and Pedram Derakhshani. Rumi was named in honour of the eponymous Sufi poet and their 2001 concert at the Jahan-e Khusrau Festival in India, an annual Sufi music festival showcasing worldwide names in music, clearly established the course their later work was to take. Their music combines classical Persian poetry with a new musical language, blending elements from different musical traditions. The Rumi sound juxtaposes instruments such as the baqlama (similar to the tanbur), santur, daf, ney and tar together with electric guitar, bass, tabla and drums – mixing traditional Persian instruments with Indian and “western” sounds and the voices of two singers to generate their own unique atmosphere.
Author: House of World Cultures


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