Ahmed El Attar

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Performing Arts (theatre)
Africa, Northern, Europe, Western
Egypt, France
Cairo, Paris
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June 25, 2003
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Ahmed El Attar
Ahmed El Attar


Creation of a Contemporary Egyptian Theatre

The 32 year-old Egyptian director and author Ahmed El Attar is in Cairo the head of the Temple Independent Company, which is serving to create a basis for Egyptian theatre, and in Paris of the Théâtre du Temps.
Ahmed El Attar completed his studies of theatre-directing in 1992 at the American University in Cairo and is now 32. He has already staged 8 plays and, in the case of the last two, has also worked as a dramatist due to a lack of Egyptian texts. He has founded two theatrical groups: the Temple Independent Company in Cairo and the Théâtre du Temps in Paris and is creating a basis for contemporary Egyptian drama. He suffers from lack of equipment and, in preparing his most recent, very popular and grotesquely satirical family drama ´Life is beautiful, or Waiting for my uncle from America´, he organised a workshop on lighting techniques in the hope of finding innovative solutions to this problem.
Author: Brigitte Heilmann


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Excerpt from the play "Life is beautiful"

taken from the play "Life is beautiful or waiting for my uncle from America"
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