Ayo Sutarma & Dedy Hernawan

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kacapi, rebab, suling, tarompet
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December 3, 2003
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 Ayo Sutarma & Dedy Hernawan


Ayo Sutarma & Dedy Hernawan

The Balinese musicians and composers Ayo Sutarma (born in 1969) and Dedy Hernawan (born in 1972) come from the school of Nano S, have studied at the conservatory in Bandung and specialised in traditional Sundanese music. Whereas Hernawan has made a name for himself mainly as a performer on he suling or rebab, Sutarma has focussed on the tarompet, resembling an oboe, and on the religious songs mengaji and adzan. Ayo Sutarma is also active as a music-teacher at various schools and as a co-worker on a research project about native music and its dissemination at the university in Bandung. Notable in works by Ayo Sutarma is the continual search for constructive obstacles, which inspire him to work out his very radical concepts. For him music-making has to be tied up with an existential and also physical experience. Thus arise works like ´Baling-Baling´, which involves only the overtones on a single string plucked in various ways. The work ´Siduyoko´ is based on only two voices, producing sounds only while breathing in. A work involving schoolchildren is based on a maverick use of tradition instruments together with other objects including plastic beakers and marbles. Sutarma wants his work to offer an alternative to the increasing social dependence on electronic gadgets. Dedy Hemawan is no less radical in working out musical concepts but is more contemplative in his approach and concerned with the nuances of micro-tones and -sounds. By now he has broadened his attention to include other musical parameters too. He is against conserving traditions as fossils. ´Even in certain social rituals, creativity should not be forgotten.´
Author: House of World Cultures


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