Mustafa Kaplan

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June 4, 2003
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Energy of body risks

The Turkish choreographer Mustafa Kaplan works at the city theatre in Istanbul on the presence of movement in its physical form as energy, gravitation, impact and free fall.
Mustafa Kaplan is not only one of the most innovative Turkish choreographers but also a symbol of the independent dance-scene in Istanbul. He grew up in the town Konva in central Anatolia, left to study engineering at Istanbul then finally, on having visited movement classes at Yildiz University, changed to dancing. He was hired for 11 years by the city theatre in Istanbul, where he is still responsible for dance and choreography. Typical of his works is the repetition of everyday but exhausting actions like running, jumping, bumping and brawling. Kaplan enjoys the sheer presence of movement - of swing, gravity, collision and free fall, as shown in his most recent work ´Dolap´ in the form of a dance with a fridge.
Author: Brigitte Heilmann  


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Blue Stage

Multimedia Installation

(18 August 00 - 30 September 00)