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Media Arts (education, genetic engineering, nano-tech, science art)
Written and spoken word (art theory)
Europe, Eastern
Russian Federation
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June 5, 2007
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 Dmitry Bulatov


the sci-art media expert

Bulatov is an artist, researcher, art theorist performer and, since 1998 curator of the Kaliningrad Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Art in Russia.
In his work Dmitry is mostly focused on different aspects of interdisciplinary sci-art media (robotechnics, genetic engineering, nano-tech, etc.). His artworks were shown at more than 100 exhibitions, among them are such as the Ars Electronica Festival ("Radiotopia", ORF, Linz, 2002), 50 Venice Biennial ("Brain Academy Apartment", Venice, 2003), and others. Bulatov participated in many international conferences on the issues of contemporary art, delivered courses of lectures at various universities in Russia, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Mexico, and Hong Kong. He has participated in a large number of international festivals, and in more than 100 international exhibitions.
Bulatov is also a member of editorial board of DOC(K)S magazine (France) and an author more then 30 articles on contemporary art published in Russia and abroad, also of international books and anthologies.
Author: Aleksandra Halicka


Selected visual arts projects:

Exhibition / Installation,
1998 - International Multimedia Art Festival (Odzaci), 1999 - First Aix Art Contemporary Festival (Aix), 1999 - H2O-Festival (Oslo), 1999 - International Art Fair «Eurasian Zone» (Moscow), 2000 - «Pro&Contra» (Moscow), 2001 - «Bunker Poetico» (49 Venice Biennial, Venice), 2001 - Polypoetry International (Maastricht), 2001 - XXIII International Film Festival (Moscow), 2002 - «Contemporary Art in the Traditional Museum» (St. Petersburg), 2002 - «Davaj! Russian Art Now» (Berlin-Vienna), 2002 - «Radiotopia» (ORF, Ars Electronica Festival), 2003 - «Off-Beats Festival» (Berlin), 2003 - «Technopoetry» (Florence-Milan), 2003 - «Brain Academy Apartment» (50 Venice Biennial, Veniece), 2003 - «New Tendencies in Art» (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow), 2004 - SKIF-8 (St. Petersburg), 2004 - Berliner Festspiele (Berlin), 2004 - «Platform» (St.Peterburg), 2004 - «3durch3» (Kassel), 2004 - Quinta Bienal Internacional (Mexico), 2005 - «Long Histories-3» (Yekaterinburg) and others. 2005 - «In Nature» (Kaliningrad)


2001 - scholarship holder of the Russian Professional Literary Men Union
2000 - Little Booker prize diploma-winner for literature
1998 - laureate of a professional reward «Recognition»


Kaliningrad Branch of NCCA