Kia Berglund

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anxiety, beauty, border, communication, death, diversity, existentialism, laughter, living, pain, perception, taboo, water
Performing Arts (theatre)
Europe, Nordic, America, North
Sweden, United States of America
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January 24, 2005
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Kia Berglund
Photo: Adam Jeanes


Experimental Theatre Director

Kia Berglund is a theatre director and artistic leader of Teater Giljotin, Stockholm.
Giljotin stages contemporary Swedish and international drama, as well as conceives own plays. Playwrights whose work has been staged include Norwegian Jon Fosse and Swedish Inger Edelfeldt.
Kia has been engaged with Giljotin since the theatre´s foundation in 1989. Along with this, she has directed theatre plays for Riksteatern (The Royal Touring Theatre), Dramaten (The Royal Drama Theatre), Göteborgs Stadteater.
Kia Berglund is director of Sorelle, a mini-opera performance developed in the framework of the project SEAS. Tre Sorelle will be presented at Teater Giljotin as a work in progress in november 2005.
Author: Yuliana Yankova


The Total Fucking Death Experience

Production / Performance,
An artistic reflection which crosses the line of the "near-death experience". How do we act and communicate around death? How do we relate to death in our lives? Do our fears prevent us from living to the full? What are our fantasies, ideas and taboos?


Production / Performance,
Sorelle is an electro-music mini-opera based on a true Montenegrian story. It depicts the love of three sisters for the same sea captain. They faithfully long for their beloved and await his return for years. As each sister´s life, devoted to that man, comes to an end, the window through which she has long gazed at the sea is bricked in. Sorelle will be presented as work in progress at Teater Giljotin, Stockholm, in november 2005.


Production / Performance,
Based on text by Jon Fosse. A man and a woman meet on a park bench. An encounter that would change everything. A passion drama about love and erotic obsessions, but also about lostness and destructiveness.


This artist took part in the following project(s) organized/funded by the partner institutions.

SEAS/Second Wave 2005

(19 January 05 - 19 January 07)


Theatre Giljotin

Kia Berglund is Artistic Director of Teater Giljotin, Stockholm.
The Total Fucking Death Experience
The Total Fucking Death Experience 2