Johannes Odenthal

body, border, borderline experience, migration, ritual, roots
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May 31, 2005
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Johannes Odenthal heads the Programme Department Music, Dance, Theatre at the Berlin House of World Cultures. As co-curator he was instrumental in the development of the intercultural festival ‘Hong Kong – Berlin’ in 2000 and in the presentation of Japanese performance art at ‘Translated Acts’ in 2001. Until 1997 he was chief editor and publisher of the journal ‘Ballett International - Tanz aktuell’, which he had founded in 1993 with Gerhard Friedrich. From 1987 to 1993 he was editor of the journal ‘Tanz Aktuell’. Odenthal studied art history and archaeology, specialising in Christian archaeology, in Cologne, Bonn, and Paris. His in-depth preoccupation with dance began in Paris. He has worked intensively in the Near East. After completing his doctorate in 1985 he worked as an independent writer, bringing out two books on Syria and Istanbul in the Dumont Verlag.
Author: House of World Cultures