Ali Mahdavi

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Visual Arts (photography)
Middle East, Europe, Western, Middle East
Iran (Islamic Republic of), France, Israel
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February 14, 2004
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ARTIST STATEMENT/ POSTCARD PROJECT OF THE HOUSE OF WORLD CULTURES 2007 ´glamourous neurotic women´ Ali Mahdavi, born in 1974 in Teheran, grew up primarily in France where he studied at the École Boulle, the École Nationale des Arts Appliqués Duperré and the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Paris. An Erasmus bursary in 1998 allowed him to pursue his studies in London at the Royal College of Art in London, and a LVMH grant in 2000 took him to the San Francisco Art Institute. He currently lives and works in Paris. Ali Mahdavi’s main focus is on ways to combine fashion and corporeality, where his reputation has principally become established with works exploring the relationship between physical imperfection enclosed in an aesthetic surround. Selected exhibitions/2003: “Mode et Portraits” Scout Gallery, London./2002: “Le corps importun” Gallery 213/ Marion de Beaupré, Paris./2001: “Heads or Tails” Praz-Delavallade Gallery, Paris; “Faire un homme politique” Espace Dix-Sept, Paris; “Made in Mode” 8émé Courant d’art de Deauville, Deauville./2000: “Salon Paris Photo” Gallery 213/ Marion de Beaupré, Carroussel du Louvre, Paris; “Le corps mutant” Enrico Navarra Gallery, Paris; “Le corps importun” Gallery 213/ Mario de Beaupré, Paris./1999: “Questions de corps” Grégoire Gardette Gallery, Nice.
Author: House of World Cultures


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Postcard Project

(01 March 07 - 31 December 08)

Far Near Distance

Contemporary Positions of Iranian Artists

(19 March 04 - 09 May 04)