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 Elena Tsvetaeva


Reconstructing Kaliningrad

Elena Tsvetaeva is an art-manager, curator and artist born 1965 in Kaliningrad (Russian Federation). Since 1997 she?s been the director of the Kaliningrad Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts.
One of Tsetaeva´s largest and most important projects has been curating of the reconstruction and adjustment of the federal monument of the 19th century ? tower-redan "Kronprinz". The building is designed to be the future residence of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts in Kaliningrad.
Since 1993 she has curated projects and programs in the field of contemporary art, participant of the international conferences and symposia in Russia, Poland, Germany, Lebanon. Her professional interests are in the field of researching art-spaces and working with the issues of their reconstruction, reanimation and revitalization. Tsvetaeva is also works with the issues of identity, including actualization and artistic interpretation of cultural and historical heritage of the Kaliningrad region.
As artist took part in various projects and exhibitions in Russia and abroad, including: "Contemporary Art in Nature", Museum of the National Park "Curonian Spit", Kaliningrad region, Russia (2005); exhibition of photography "Photomania 2003", the Kaliningrad Union of Photographers, Kaliningrad Art Gallery. Diploma; "Contemporary Art of Kaliningrad" within the framework of the project "Literature and Art between East and West", "Aspei", Bochum, Germany and NCCA, the Kaliningrad Art Gallery (2003); exhibition of 4 artists within the framework of the festival of experimental literature, art and performance "Off Beats" "Total Identification. Contemporary Art of Russia and Belorussia", The House of Democracy, Berlin, Germany (2003); Open-Air Festival of Contemporary Art ?ARTKlyasma?, Moscow, Russia (2002); installation "Life is a trap" (together with Yevgeny Umansky), Stockholm, Sweden (2001); The First Youth Exhibition, the House of Artist, Kaliningrad, Russia (1988). Guest lecturer at the School of Visual Arts, New-York, Department of Photography (2002).
The works are in the collection of the State Kaliningrad Art Gallery.
Author: Aleksandra Halicka


Elena Tsvetaeva was born in Kaliningrad (Russian Federation) in 1965. In 1988 she graduated from the Fine Art Department of Gertsen Leningrad State Teachers? Training Institute and in 1999 she finished the Russian-British Moscow Higher School of Social and Economic Sciences, Cultural Management Department, specializing in cultural policy, socio-cultural programming, management and research (Diploma, MS of Cultural Management, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland).
Tsvetaeva started her working career with being was a teacher of fine arts at the 6th Kaliningrad Secondary School (1988-1991). From 1991 to 1997 she worked at the Kaliningrad Art Gallery (till 1994 as research officer at the Department of the Soviet Art, and later head of the Department of Research and Exposition). Since 1997 she?s been the director of the Kaliningrad Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts.


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2001 Placement at the Salzburg Summer Academy for Culture and Media and Management, Austria.
2002 Study-tour ?Contemporary Art Directors Visit to New York?, organized by CEC International Partners, New-York, USA.
2002 Placement at the CCA, Glasgow, Scotland, Russia-UK-Netherlands Arts Managers Placement Program


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