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Abutorab Chosrawi
Abutorab Chosrawi


In short stories by the teacher Abutorab Chosrawi, folk entangle themselves in illusions and invented memories, out of which the author creates new realities. Abutorab Chosrawi was born in Iran in 1956 and lives in Shiraz. Abutorab Choswari, who teaches in Shiraz, rose to literary fame through numerous articles in eminent literary magazines like ´Adineh´ but especially through short stories. He has just finished writing his first novel ´Mahshar-e Soghra´ (The little Chaos). His writings follow in the footsteps of Kafka, of the Iranian author Gholamhossein Saedi and especially of Hushang Golshini. His protagonists entangle themselves in illusions and invented but realistic memories. The boundary between reality and fantasy is skilfully blurred to create a new reality typical of the author. In the House of World Cultures, Abutorab Choswari read ´Diwan-e Sumanat´ (The Divan of Sumanat) from his second collection of tales, which had drawn the attention of Iranian critics and readers and been praised by Hushang Golshiri, especially for its new way of story-telling.
Author: House of World Cultures


The Divan of Sumanat

Published Written,
in ´Neue Literatur aus dem Iran´, a collection of tales from Farchondeh Aqa’i, Kourosh Assadi, Abutorab Chosrawi, Schahriar Mandanipur, Monirou Rawanipur and Mohammad Reza Safdari, published by the House of World Cultures with translations by Katajun Amirpur, Navid Kermani, Roxane Haag-Higuchi and Tim Epkenhans, Berlin 2000