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Adekwhat - An Independent group designed for physical performers formed by Philippe Blanchard
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September 23, 2003
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Philippe Blanchard



An Independent group designed for physical performers

Adekwhat is a polyvalent group designed especially for the new works in the future. The group not only works with dancers but also with other performers who are selected for their ability to work collectively. I am searching for new methods of collaboration based on long periods of research of the relation between the artists themselves who are in the process of learning about their work, and the balance between this and the best way to express the essence of the piece.Adekwhat has a concentrated and united ensemble that works in an intimate environement where the goal is to offer the Swedish and European audiences, performances of unique artistic identity.
"Air Bag" was a big breakthrough in terms of the procedure of a creation and I became really satisfeid with the piece as we continued workign during the period of the tour. Even after the premiers , we considered ways of improving and what we had created.
For six years I have worked with the idea that i would just do one creation at a time. But graduallly I realized that I need to surround myself with people that share my views on creation and movement.Adekwhat , which means adequate, defines this vision of a group perfectly, and is a group that works for strong artistic ideas and allows anything to happpen without prejudice.
Author: Philippe Blanchard: edited by Annika Salomonsson


Philippe Blanchard was born in Neuilly-sure-Seine in France. In 1984 he completed his studies at the Consservatoire national de Musique et la Danse de la Rochelle. He has worked as a dancer with Nederlands Dans Theater, Batsheva Dance Company and the Culllberg Ballet.In 1994 Blanchard participated in The International Dance Course for Professional Choreographers and Composers. The course proved to be important for his future work.Blanchards independent productions include "Transes Formations"; a collaboration with French double-bass group L´Orchestre de Contrabasses , and "Air Bag". Blanchard has choreographed for companies like Nye Carte Blanche, The Szeged Contemporary Ballet and Östgötabaletten.
Philippe Blanchard has always distinguished himself in the world of dance for his musicality and physicality.


Too Much Night Ego

Production / Performance,
“Too Much Night Ego” is a dance performance incorporating live sound and video. Four people are caught in a wasteland they call their own; lost, searching, remembering and dreaming. Through movement, video and sound, we see images of the real juxtaposed with the surreal. ”Hazardously beautiful and untamed.” Dagens Nyheter


Production / Performance,
YET was performed every second Friday of the month at Dansens Hus in Stockholm (for the year 2004). Each installation is concentrated on a theme, such as dreams, insomnia, subconscious, expectations etc… YET is an experimental performance, with elements of audience participation; the project is only about a creative process. A moment, which is fragile and beautiful. A moment in which we allow ourselves to cross certain boundaries.


Production / Performance,
Commissioned by the Cullberg Ballet

Transes Formations

Production / Performance,
In collaboration with l´Orchestre se Contrabases

Air Bag

Production / Performance,
A co-production with Borås Stadsteater, AIR BAG is based upon the idea of creating a physical impact between two people. The whole coreography is focused on the lead-up to this collision (the twist being that the audience will never see it). Four elements exposed to describe the coming impact (safety, absurdity, warnings and risks) are constantly present, leading to fear. The audience is invited to explore the contradiction whereby, while we often do not want to witness a violent act, if we find ourselves present in such a situation we will keep watching.


Production / Performance,

Pandora´s Box



1998 - Choreographer in Residence at The House of Dance in Stockholm


International Tanztheater


Too Much Night Ego
Too Much Night Ego 2