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January 22, 2004
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Teatret OM

International group performing for adults and children

Teatret OM is an international group founded in 1989 by Sandra Pasini and Antonella Diana in Italy and now based in Denmark. Teatret OM’s members at the moment are Annemarie Waagepetersen from Denmark; Sandra Pasini, Roberto Mascioletti from Italy, Ana Woolf from Argentina; and Hisako Miura from Japan. Also collaborating with OM at the moment is Emanuela Bauco from Italy. The activities of the theatre are directed to a broad audience, producing performances for adults and children, concerts and street performances. Teatret OM organises workshops for actors, directors, stage designers and musicians, seminars in painting technique and exhibitions. The group has toured with performances and pedagogical activities in Denmark,Sweden, Norway, Greenland, Yugoslavia, Greece, Britain, Germany, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil and Italy.
Author: Odin Teatret/Teatret OM


Sandra Pasini started to work in theatre in Italy in 1979 at the age of 15, studying contemporary theatre together with clown style with the famous circus family Colombaioni. She has studied various theatre techniques and she is a skilful musician and a singer (playing guitar, percussion and trombone). In 1989 together with Antonella Diana she founded Teatro Sfera di Om and she directed the first performances. In 1996 the group moved to Denmark and changed name to Teatret OM. Since 1993 she takes part in the international group “Vindenes bro” led by Iben Nagel Rasmussen (actress at Odin Teatret).
She regularly gives workshops in actors working methods, voice and rhythm. Apart from her reseach as an actress, Sandra Pasini is also very interested in exploring the relation between actor and director in the creative work process.


Summa Summarum

Production / Performance,
A clown performance with live music. Two tombstones are standing in a graveyard of a southern country. Under the first tomb rests the noble count José Fino and under the other is Spugna, the street-sweeper. One evening they rise from their graves and immediately a lot of trouble begins, which lasts most of the night. The Count cannot accept that classes are levelled in such a way that the street-sweeper can have his grave right next to his. The white clown who rules in Death’s garden interferes with the magic of music. At the end, when the morning breaks and the count and the street-sweeper have to return to their graves, they may have learnt something. Summa Summarum is inspired by a poem written by the Neapolitan comedian Totó. The title of the poem, A Livella, indicates the tool that carpenters use to level differences, just as Death does; for in death we are all equal, here there are no rich and poor. Actors: The white clown - Annemarie Waagepetersen José Fino Argentino - Ana Woolf Spugna - Sandra Pasini Director: Leris Colombaioni Stage design and costumes: Leris Colombaioni, Antonella Diana and Lisbeth Forbæk Technician: Roberto Mascioletti Dedicated to Giulia Huesca


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Roots in Transit IV

Women´s International Theatre Festival and Meeting

(15 January 04 - 25 January 04)


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