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Brigitte Carla, Vincent Audat
body, interculturalism, interdisciplinarity, oral tradition, tradition
Music (a-cappella, education, general)
Performing Arts (dance, education, musical theatre, performance, theatre)
Europe, Western, America, Caribbean
France, Cuba
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January 22, 2004
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Voix Polyphoniques

Coherence in songs from all over the world

Polyphonic and a cappella singing are the basic elements which characterise Voix Polyphoniques´ work in creation and production, teaching and intercultural exchange. Voix Polyphoniques aims to promote a transmission of musical knowledge and memory, and at creating a repertoire of modern composers. Since its creation, Voix Polyphoniques has collaborated with the Magdalena Project and Unter Wasser Fliegen, participating in numerous festivals and meetings.
The performance NAKASONE unites songs from all over the world, both traditional and folk. Nakasone, which
started as a vocal a cappella duo in 1991, has now taken a more theatrical form. On the stage we see a
kitchen table, two chairs, a fridge, and vegetables to be prepared, cooked and eaten. The objects lose their everyday function; a knife becomes a musical
instrument; the fridge is a source of light becoming an altar, a castle, a partner for a dance of tango. A couple, accomplices or adversaries, between fear and humour, pass through a universe inspired by Balthus’ paintings with their songs. Singing is at the centre of the story presenting a relationship between man and woman. The challenge is to find coherence in songs that originate from different parts of the world.
Author: Odin Teatret


Brigitte Cirla, started a career as a singer and actress, after an education in classical piano. In 1991 Brigitte created Voix Polyphoniques and her activities are based at the cultural centre of La Friche Belle de Mai in Marseilles. In 1998 she created the vocal group Les Dissonantes, whose concerts took inspiration from the repertoire of Bartok, Kodaly and Ligeti. In 2000 she directed Le Rôti de l’Impératrice with Les Dissonantes and in 2003 she created Les Chants de la Mer Noire with one British and two Georgian singers. Brigitte maintains a pedagogical work in connection with environments that range from prisons to hospitals. Brigitte Cirla met Vincent Audat in 1987 at the Théâtre du Lierre in Paris, and since then they are dedicated to research in the field of musical theatre in order to bring a renewed
proposition based on the language of body and music rather than words.



Production / Performance,
Actors/singers: Brigitte Cirla, Vincent Audat Director: Anne de Broca Songs presented during the performance: Titles Authors or composers Arrangement Sourate Russian and Greek Orthodox Ay Nararara Traditional Hungarian Ay Dédéna Traditional Hungarian Yamina Bratsch, traditional Yiddish Opnich Kingiri Bratsch, traditional Yiddish Jalousie Jacob Gade / A. Mauphrey /Et J.Larue Voï voï Mikis Theodorakis Alefa Traditional Italian Alger Lili Boniche, Judaic-Arab To Barburi Didier Labbé/Vincent Audat Posto seis/Posto nove Didier Labbé/Vincent Audat Abu Kilia Traditional Curd Iesce o’ sole Traditional Italian Che Bella Voca Traditional Italian Vurria ca fosse ciaola Traditional Italian


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