Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim

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civilisation, ecology, humanity
Visual Arts (installation art, object, sculpture)
Middle East
United Arab Emirates
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October 20, 2003
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Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim

Mohammed Ibrahim joins man and nature and reveals their presence to each other as well as the argued relation between them. Ibrahim as an artist stresses ecological issues in the community and presenting them to the public creates an interactive dialogue. There are many elements threatenign mans future and Ibrahim works shows his feelings towards the violations of man and civilisation in life´s own conceptions.
Author: Talal Mualla edited by Annika Salomonsson


Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim was born in 1962 in Khorfakkan, in the United Arab Emirates. He has participated in several exhibitions in the UAE and abroad, including the 7th Cairo International Biennial (1998), exhibition of UAE contemporary art at the Institute of the Arab World in paris, the Sharjah Internaional Biennial in 1999 and 2001 , the 7th Havana Biennial in Cuba, as well as exhibited works at the Ludwig Forum for International Art in Aachen Germany (2000).


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Nomad Academy

Five from Afar

(01 October 03 - 17 October 03)


The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts