Carlos Ranc

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Visual Arts (installation art, painting, photography)
America, Central
Mexico City
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May 27, 2003
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Carlos Ranc


Born in Paris in 1968, Carlos Ranc is an internationally highly acclaimed contemporary Mexican artist. In works like "Pensar lo que recordamos" ("Thinking of what we recall", 2002) and "Hacer … La Memoria" ("Making ... Memory",1998) he looks into cultural traditions of images. The son of Carlos Arriola, a well known Mexican intellectual, essayist and expert on international politics, and of Clairette Ranc, the publisher of the magazine Ciencia y Desarrollo del CONACYT, he began his career as a painter by deconstructing still lifes and nudes based mainly on photographic originals. Since the end of the 90s he has often worked with large-scale photographs. His series about the "Museum of the Drug-Trade", shown in 2002 in the centre for contemporary art Witte de With in Rotterdam, shows the official government strategy for coping with drug-dealing. This work too begins by analyzing representations and simulacrums which try at one and the same time to represent and domesticate reality. Ranc thereby develops a more or less anthropological archive and his own representation. His installation "Waiting Room", which he made in cooperation with Aldo Chaparro for the exhibition "Zebra Crossing – Modern art from Mexico" in the House of World Cultures in 2002, shows concern for the relationship between humans and nature.
Author: Gabriele Stiller


date of birth 14.10.1968 (Paris)

The artist lives and works in Mexico City.


Group Exhibitions (Choice)

Exhibition / Installation
2005 "ARCO 2005 Madrid“, Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporaneo, Madrid, Spain 2004 "NARCOCHIC - Exposición artística de Mexico“, Museo de Artes Modestas, Sete, France "Al Otro Lado de la Puerta", Patronato de arte Contemporáneo, Mexico City, Mexico 2002 "Zebra Crossing“, House of World Cultures, Berlin, Germany "Coartadas“, Centro Cultural de México, Paris, France 2000 "Quinta Bienal de Monterrey“, Quinta Bienal de Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico "Salón Bancomer“, Museo de Arte Moderno, Mexico City, Mexico "Sala de recuperación“, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Carrillo Gil, Mexico City, Mexico "Caida libre, nuevas generaciones“, Museo Dolores Olmedo, Mexico City, Mexico 1999 "Colectiva“, Muca Roma, Mexico City, Mexico "Situar“, Galería Acceso A, Mexico City, Mexico

Solo Exhibitions (Choice)

Exhibition / Installation
2002 "Pensar lo que recordamos“, Casa Museo Barragán, Mexico City, Mexico 2000 "Del natural“, Galería Drexel, Monterrey, Mexico 1999 "Natura muerta“, Galería SHCP, Mexico City, Mexico "Simulacro“, Galería Acceso A, Mexico City, Mexico "Una mirada“, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Ateneo de Yucatán, Mexico


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The Mexico-festival in Berlin

(15 September 02 - 01 December 02)
The Narcotic Museum in Mexico City