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Performing Arts (dance, dance / choreography, theatre)
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September 16, 2003
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Grace Ellen Barkey


Expression in dance and theatre

Choreographer, dancer and actress Grace Ellen Barkey was born in Surabaya, Indonesia. She studied dance expression and modern dance at the Theatre School In Amsterdam and after her trining worked as an actress and dancer.
Barkey choreographed several performances before joining Needcompany in 1986 and eventually became the company´s permanent choreographer. She created the choreography for Need to Know 1987, Ca Va, 1989, Julius Ceasar 1990, Invictos, 1991, Antonius and Cleopatra 1992, and Orfeo 1993. She also acted in several of these productions as well as in The Snakesong Trilogy: Snakesong/Le Voyeur(1994), Caligula(1997) and Needcompany´s King Lear (2000).
In 1992 she presented the first of her own productions entitled "One" at the Theatre Am Turm Probebűhne in Frankfurt. This was followed by Don Quijote (1993) inspired by Cervantes Novel and Camus´The Myth of Sisyphys. Barkey´s major source and starting point for her creative work id Literature.Tres ( 1995) was inpspired by the writings of Jean Genet while Stories(1996) was based on the novel Anna karenina by Tolstoj.Barkeys work has become more and more International , especially with the performances Rood Red Rouge ( 1998) and A Few Things ( 2000).
Author: Annika Salomonsson



Production / Performance,
A new performance by Grace Ellen Barkey and Needcompany

Images of Affection

Production / Performance,
Images of affection is a story based on a lie.It is about the lie of preception. About the way emptiness intime and space is fiolled up with a lie. It is a story entangled in a network of contradictory details. A paradox of the truth and how it penetrates everywhere and fills the emptiness with coloured silence.

Isabella´s Room

Production / Performance,
Grace Ellen Barkey made the costumes for Isabella´s room

Goldfish Game

Film / TV,
Goldfish Game is the first feature film by Jan Lauwers. This modern fable tells the story of a small community of people who are violently torn apart. The tale encompasses both human drama and an anthropological study of the dynamics which hold a group together and work towards its disintegration. At the centre lies death - one’s own death and those of others – as ultimately determining and delimiting all human behaviour. The Italian internet magazine Kinematrix pronounced Goldfish Game the best film in the Formati Anomali category. The jury report said: an innovative style of directing that exceeds the limits of the digital medium. At the Slamdance Film Festival (January 2004) Goldfish Game was awarded the ‘Grand Jury Honour for Best Ensemble Cast’.

A Few Things

Production / Performance,

Rood Red Rouge

Production / Performance,

Stories ( Histories / Verhalen )

Production / Performance,


Production / Performance,

Don Quijote

Production / Performance,


Production / Performance,



Isabella´s Room
Images of affection