Anando Gopal Das

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November 25, 2003
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 Anando Gopal Das


Anando Gopal Das

Anando Gopal Das is one of the last representatives of the culture of the Bauls who for centuries have been wandering through the Bengali countryside, purveying mystical songs and dance as well as music on the ectara, a drum with a single string. Though Bauls are musicians they are first and foremost sadhakas, seekers of the ultimate truth, expressing their spiritual journey through melody for the sake of their fellow humans. Baul can be taken to mean either ´crazy´ (in yearning for God) or ´borne on the wind´ (in vocalising the ´breath of life´). The Bauls have no patience for tags like class, caste or religion. Just as their faith is based on various creeds, including Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam, they sense the divine in all humans, so direct their spiritual search inward, without recourse to priests or prophets. Anando Gopal Das was born into a family of musicians and began at the age of 7 to sing at bus-stops and train-stations, to earn his share of the family´s income. Thanks to many visits to the west, he is familiar with western culture and has made it his duty to make the vital tradition of the Bauls known in the west through his concerts. By founding an ashram, he is also trying to continue the tradition of hospitality in his homeland by offering food to the needy
Author: Martin Hager


Concerts outside India in recent years:
Festival International de Musique Sacrée de Sylvanès - France
Musée des Arts Asiatiques de Nice - France
Festival de Saint-Denis - France
Les Orientales de Saint Florent – France
Festival Gnaoua et Musiques du Monde, Essaouira - Marokko
Festival Nits D’Estiu, Fondation « La Caixa », Barcelona - Spain
Festival de Musique Sacrée, Gerona – Spain
Music World Institute, New York – USA
Anando Gopal Das often performs in Europe and was here most recently in the summer of 2003 to tour France. In December he is due to perform with his ensemble in the ´Long Night of Baul Music´ as part of the Festival of Sacred Music 2003 in the House of World Cultures


Kothae Lukale Hari

Published Audio,
Traditional Bengali Folk Song

Bâuls du Bengale

Published Audio,
Daqui/Harmonia Mundi


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