Khalil Abdul Wahid

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Visual Arts (photography)
Middle East
United Arab Emirates
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October 20, 2003
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Dynamic Images of Compressed History

Khalil Abdul Wahid uses light as a preliminary material in many of his works. But light can also be an emotive material that detaches the past from the present. Wahid presents dynamic images which pulse with energy and compressed history.
Author: Talal Mualla edited by Annika Salomonsson


Khalil Abdul Wahid was born in Dubai in UAE in 1974. He is a member if the Emirate Fine Art Society and a youth workshop-Dubai of the Ministry of Education and Youth. Wahid received a Bachelor of Science from the Pennsylvania State University in 2001. He also studied computer aided drafting and design as well as heating technology at the Pennsylvania College of Technology.


Distinguished Prize Sharjah International Biennial 1997
Prize- GCC Youth Exhibition Qatar 1995
The Golden Plam Leaf Prize, Kuwait 1994
Jury Prize CF Abu Dhabi 1994
First Prize 13th Annual Exhibition 1993
Prize-GCC youth exhibition Kuwait 1992
Prize-GCC youth Exhibition Saudi Arabia 1991


This artist took part in the following project(s) organized/funded by the partner institutions.

Nomad Academy

Five from Afar

(01October03 - 17October03)


The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts


CV Khalil Abdul Wahid

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