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July 6, 2003
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Alexei Shulgin is an artist, curator and musician who was born 1963 and lives and works in Moscow. Shulgin started his artistic career as a photographer and founded the “Immediate Photography” group in 1988. In 1994 he became one of the pioneers of the artistic use of the World Wide Web. With projects like the Moscow WWW Art Centre (1995) and Form Art (1997) he participated in many international exhibitions and festivals of new media art. He also became one of the most outspoken artist-critics of the movement that he himself was part of. In 1998 he founded the 386 DX Cyberpunk Rockband which plays 1960s and 70s classic rock songs in live midi-performances. Since 2000, Shulgin has been a professor at the Pro Arte media lab in St. Petersburg.
Author: Transmediale


Alexei Shulgin

Busking 386 DX
Busking 386 DX

Busking 386 DX

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