Daniela Sergieva

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Europe, Eastern
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May 26, 2003
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Daniela Sergieva’s practice is based on a condensed appreciation and interpretation of issues relating to the status and position of young women in society, which are undergoing significant changes in Bulgaria today. Referring to the ‘economical yet perceptive and visually impressive way’ in which she handles issues in contemporary art, artist and founding member of the Institute of Contemporary Art in Sofia Luchezar Boyadjiev considers her as one of the most interesting and promising artists in Bulgaria. Responding to different conceptual problems creatively, Sergieva varies her approach using a diverse range of materials to create objects and installations. Working in Sofia, where there is currently only one gallery devoted to contemporary art, Sergieva, like many other artists, often exhibits in alternative art spaces such as private apartments, offices, garages or disused public spaces. Her practice often includes site-specific installations as a direct response to such spaces. Her contribution to the group show ‘At Room Temperature’ in 2000 was one such site-specific project, held in a private apartment in Sofia.


Daniela Sergieva was born in Pernik, Bulgaria in 1976. She was educated at the High School for Fine Arts in Sofia before graduating in illustration and graphic design from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia. She has participated in several group shows including ‘At Room Temperature’, ‘On the Other Hand’ and ‘Mirror, Mirror’ in 2000.


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(01 April 01 - 31 August 01)