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July 30, 2003
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Media for marginalised groups

As a Chinese media professor and researcher Bu Wei analysis media use and impact on marginalised groups.
Bu Wei´s main research fields and interests are: Chinese people´s use of media and its influence on them (especially vulnerable groups such as children, women, peasants, migrants and minorities).

Mainstream media tend to forget, that
there is no such thing as a mainstrem public. In stead different groups perceive messages differently, and communication should mirror those differences.

Mainstream media also tend to forget, that conditions sush as access to media depend on the position of the concerned person or group.

Bu Wei focus on media development for the benefit of empowerment of vulnerable groups. Her analysis decribe the patterns, which create difficulties for those concerned groups.

Her analysis include ´Digital divide and media gap in China´; ´Gender and media´; ´The influence of Internet on audience and media´; ´NGO and media in IEC strategy´; ´media education´ (literacy), and ´communication methodology´.

All over the world, the Internet and the associated information and communication technologies (ICT) challenge existing political system and processes. More and more people see the Internet as a tool or a platform for promoting new types of political processes. The Internet may also bring about more transparency in policy making and governance. Finally, the Internet provides unique opportunities for enhancing the democratic participation and empowerment of citizens.

At the moment Bu Wei is conducting researches and projects about ´young peoples use of Internet and impact´; ´women´s NGOs and media´; ´gender and ICT´; ´children´s express and their participation rights´; and ´the web sites as alternative media in China´.
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Professor at the Insitute of Journalism and Communication, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and director of Research Center of Media and Children of Journalism Institute of CASS.

She also works as an expert for Evaluating Committee of National Program for Children Development and for Women Develpment (2001-2010) by National Working Committee on Children and Women, consultant in the China Youth Computer Information Service network, besides she is a web-master.


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