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July 22, 2003
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Jung Yeondoo
Jung Yeondoo is a young Korean photo artist. PR Photo


Korean life styles

Jung Yeondoo is one of Korea´s outstanding photo artists. He photographed people enjoying ballroom dancing in their spare time in the 2001 work "Borame Dance Hall." In the triennial exhibit, "Evergreen Tower," he selected 34 households from within typical rented apartments, took photographs and created artworks out of them.
The Korean photo artist Jung Yeondoo is portraying Korean and Asian life styles. His artwork entitled the apartment "Evergreen Tower" of Gwangju in Korea, has drawn substantial focuses to the local media and the art community. "Evergreen Tower" is a work of thirty-four families´ portraits of the same apartment. This work has presented different family living style and social background from one typical public housing. Through his work, Jung has came across the discussion of hierarchy, space and status of life. Jung tried to arouse people´s consciousness on life and desirous of inner paradise by taking the opportunity of acquaintance with the resident, the congested living space and the similarities of live experience.

He has made a Hong Kong version of ´Evergreen Tower´ of his perception of Hong Kong society. The work will take place in local public housing estate with more than fifty invited families to take 8¨x10¨ "free of charge" priceless family portraits. The exhibition will be entitled to the estate´s name. It is to foresee the exhibition will bring the cultural of Hong Kong public housing estate to be one of the bookmarks of the world art history. This program actually has already aroused the housing estates residents respond and applause. It is a valuable chance to provide a family gathering opportunity by giving a free family photo taking in such special purpose.

For his project on Japanese dance, he aimed at seeing ´Lifestyle in the Facial Expressions and Body Movements of the Dancers´.

The lobby was filled with over 200 people who came to enjoy ballroom dancing. Prior to the dancing, Jung Yeondoo told us his impression of Japanese people.
"I am intrigued by the people´s behaviour and gestures, which are different from those seen in Korea. When I saw people dance in Fukuoka, I was thrilled to find that their particular way of thinking was reflected in their behaviour. I wanted to capture that feeling in the photographs, and that was the start of my work," he explains.

When asked his reason for choosing dance as a theme, Jung Yeondoo said, "Dance is quite interesting when seen through the viewfinder. The dancers´ facial expressions and body movements reveal their lifestyles. Dance is between two people, and through dance, people can communicate their mutual feelings without words."
Author: Karin Bergquist


1969: Jung Yeondoo was born in Jinju, Korea.

1997: He graduated at Master of Fine Arts in Goldsmiths College, London, United Kingdom.

He has participated in various city´s art festivals, e.g. Fukuoka Triennial of Japan (2002), Gwangju Biennial of Korea (2002) and Camberwell arts week of London (1999), Shanghai Biennial 2002.

Lives and works in Seoul, Korea.

2002: Super Brand City, Koyanagi Gallery, Tokyo (solo show)
Under construction, Tokyo Opera City Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (CAT.)
Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China (CAT.)
Chinese Lucky Estate, 1a Space, Hongkong (solo show) (CAT.)
Oriental Extreme, le Lieu Unique, Nante (CAT.)
Busan Bienale, Busan (CAT.)
Pause, Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju (CAT.)
Fukuoka Triennale, Fukuoka, Japan (CAT.)
Living Like a lover from Radarphone, Project Space 4, Dublin, Ireland
Fantasia, Eastern Art Gallery, Beijing, China
Urban Utophia, Ilmin Museum, Seoul, Korea (CAT.)
Ssamzie open studio, Ssamzie Art Space, Seoul, Korea

2001: Invisible touch, Art Centre Sunjae, Seoul, Korea
Tirana Biennale, National Museum in Tirana, Tirana (CAT.)
Detached House, British Embassy, Seoul, Korea
Mass-life, Space big art, Yohohama
Crossing Parallels, Ssamzie Space, Lance Fung Gallery, New York, USA (CAT.)
The Lunchtime for necktie force, Posco art Museum, Seoul, Korea
Borame dance hall, alternative space Loop, Seoul, Korea (solo show) (CAT.)

2000: Wowproject, Seoul subway, Seoul, Korea
Din / DIN, art project space, Amsterdam, Holland

1999: Mixer & Juicer, The Korean Culture & Art Foundation, Korea
Elvis gungjungbanjum, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul, Korea (CAT.)
Radio Asia, Galangga Club, London,


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