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border, exile, loneliness, perception, pop-culture
Visual Arts (drawing, painting, portrait)
Europe, Eastern
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June 4, 2003
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Radu Prelipcean
Radu Prelipcean


A long road

Romanian artist Radu Prelipcean was born in 1973 and currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada. He studied English and Romanian at Iasi University, followed by a second degree in Painting completed in 2003. He spent six months in Manchester on an Erasmus exchange in 2000 and became involved in the Frontiera artists exchange project. His work includes a series of icon paintings, based on Eastern Orthodox imagery.
ARTISTS STATEMENT - Radu Prelipcean, 2003

I can say that as a young artist I try to find my way in terms of artistic expression. I have achieved many goals so far, but art is a very long way and, actually, it can never reach an ´end´.

For me, doing art is a continuous challenge in terms of technique, as well as ideas and meaning. In my icon paintings projects I tried to achieve the religious feeling that is present in eastern-orthodox iconography. It is a very complex and intimate feeling that requires artistic skills and faith.

In my painting projects which came first in my career, I have been working on a theme that is present in almost all my works - the oppression of space, the hallway and the road. The road represents, in abstract terms, a longing to search for the truth about myself and the world. The road is an invitation to a journey which will reveal itself or not. A lost highway in the night that continues endlessly, a road on which we all travel without being sure of the destination. It is an invitation to continue the journey and accept the challenge of seeing what is behind the things that we meet every day and also to see the unseen.

Technically speaking, my current works are painted in a more or less realistic manner which perhaps reminds of pop-art. Some of them are like photographic snapshots, lost somewhere in time, as expressions of my inner thoughts. They represent visual images of a process of an existential search, or to be more exact, of a continuous process of trying to find an identity, or to discover what lies beyond the factual barriers of everyday life.

RADU PRELIPCEAN was one of four Romanian artists selected to take part in a collaborative project Frontiera between Romanian and British based artists in 2001. The main objective of Frontiera is the exchange of differences as a basis for inspiration and enrichment. This is to be achieved by celebrating diversities and embracing the enthusiasm for exchange of ideas and conversation. The first manifestation, Frontiera I, took place in Manchester (UK), and was an event which ´sought to tug, stretch and even shift boundaries. The boundaries being those between capital and periphery, between East and West, not to mention those boundaries between art forms´. The second phase Frontiera II took place in Iasi, Romania.

SOURCES: Artists statement and Frontiera website.
Author: Judith Staines


Radu Prelipcean is an emerging artist from Romania. Born in 1973 in Botosani, he gained a degree in English and Romanian in 1995 from Iasi University and completed a degree in Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in 2003. He currently works as an English teacher, web designer and interior designer and lives in Toronto.



Exhibition / Installation,
2001 ´Frontier II´, group exhibition, Iasi, Romania 2001 ´Frontier I´, group exhibition, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK 2001 ´Icons´, solo exhibition, icon painting 1998 ´Searching´, solo exhibition, icon painting 1998 ´Christmas Lights´, group exhibition, icon painting.


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