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July 21, 2003
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Lin Yuang Shang
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Top class Taiwanese theatre dance

Lin Yuang Shang, Taiwan´s most outstanding artist within modern dance theatre, is the artistic director of Compagnie Eolipile.
´Chinese Bastard´ is a strong, strange and modern story about Eastern and Western culture, about the richness and the complexsity, related to living in self-imposed exile.

In ´Chinese Bastard´ he creates together with the dancer Yang Wei Chen, the film director Tsai Ming Liang, the light designer Hervé Gary and the video artist Frédéric Blin a total theatre experience, which style is not easy to characterize:

In the crossroad between several disciplines ´Chinese Bastard´ is placing itself in the center of the debate on internationalisation of artistic expression forms and by the conflicting relationship between tradition and modernity.

Two movable screens at the stage is the central elements of the set design. The screens have a double function:
They are used for projections, besides they divide the stage and create different ´rooms´ for the two dancers.

Strait Times (Singapore) wrote about
´Chinese Bastard´ in februar 2003:

´..the mixture of East and the West, the countrylife and the urban, man and the animal, the traditional and present made
Chinese Bastard a fascinating story about modern day life´.
Author: Karin Bergquist


Born in Taipei - Taiwan - Lin Yuang Shang,
entered the Peking Opera school at the age eleven and specialized in warrior roles and acrobatics. Then he decided to study the other theatrical languages.

He later continued his education and career in France. He arrived in France for the "Festival du Cirque de Demain´ and was noticed by Ariane Mnouchkine (Theatre du Solei). He worked with her from 1986 to 1988.


Chinese bastard

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Small travelling choreographic plays

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The dance mashine

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On which voyage are you taking me tonight

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