Aida Redza

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gender, human rights, Islam, modernity, shamanism, tradition
Performing Arts (dance)
Asia, Southeast
Kuala Lumpur
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May 27, 2003
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Aida Redza
Aida Redza


Shakti Dance

As a Muslim woman, Aida Redza explores and reinterprets the multi-ethnic facets of culture and art in Malaysia, where she has founded one of the first independent dance-companies. With it she has developed a style of choreography in which old shamanic energies are expressed in new ways.
A choreographer and dancer of the new generation from Malaysia; Aida Redza has a highly individual style - a blend of old traditions and new experiments. As a Muslim woman, she explores and reinterprets the multi-ethnic facets of Malaysian culture and art. Her choreography for her company, Shakti Dances, expresses old shamanic energies in new ways. ´Stirrings´ explores notions of tradition and family; ´An Echo of a Chant´ is inspired by C.G. Jung; and ´Naked on Tiptoe´ is from the Malaysian writer Usmang Awang.

After studying dance in the USA, Aida Redza founded Shakti Dances as one of the first independent dance companies in Malaysia. Located in the capital, Kuala Lumpur, this company is concerned with shakti, a Sanskrit term for female forces of cosmic origin which activate male ones. Its aesthetic philosophy is to explore the variety of life through the energy arising when ritual movements and images are fragmented by modern disciplines.

Shakti Dances is also politically active on behalf of emancipation and human rights. It works closely with women´s and artists´ action-groups, help-organisations and lawyers.


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