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Music (cumbia, electronic music, HipHop, Latin Folk, reggae, són)
America, Central
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October 12, 2009
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 Toy Selectah
Toy Selectah (c) Tony Solis


Reggaeton and Gladioli

Toy Selectah is the nom-du-disque of Mexican Toy Hernandez, turntableist and hip-hop remixer to the stars. He boasts the somewhat unlikely feather in his cap of having remixed Morrissey, possibly the least likely electronic dance-star that one could possibly imagine and one that provoked an immediate outcry from the gladioli-loving one’s more conservative fans.
Exploring, and indeed creating, a myriad micro-genres of Latin-tinged hip-hop, he eagerly creates sonic waves of musical fashion only to move right along to the next big thing, at least in the wilderness of mirrors that is urban Latin music. Drawing on son, cumbia and reggae, filtered through the culture of sonideros and picos sound-systems, the eclectic Selectah includes writers like Gabriel Garcia Márquez, scientists, sociologists and journalists in his list of influences. It’s therefore perhaps no surprise to find that he describes his most recent soul-stirring experience as bringing new-school cumbia to the Poles while DJ-ing in Warsaw.

In 2005 Toy Hernández joined up with the Universal label Machete Music and dived headlong into bringing urban Latin genres to the masses. He now lives in Monterrey, Mexico and runs his own production company and boutique label ‘Sones del Mexside’, and is as well the driving force behind hip-hop band Control Machete.

His tips for the immediate future, genre-wise? Here they are, from the horse’s mouth: “Son huasteco, a variation of son form but with a really deep mountain style! New school: guarachero or tribal guarachero, a thing close to what I am doing with raverton, and the more clubby cumbia things -- it´s a variation of tribal house with 6/8 accents and tropical and norteño samples, very ghetto!”

His performances in Germany reflect his magpie approach, delivering the best of the tradition while striving to find new ways to create synthesis. A self-proclaimed naturist, Toy Selectah is frequently to be found sunning himself as he dreams up still more permutations for his eager audience.

Author: Martin Gordon


IC19 (12") (Remix)

Published Audio,
Mad Decent

Bersa Discos #5 (12") (Remix)

Published Audio,
Bersa Discos

Meeting Of The Minds

Published Audio,
CD. Nacional Records

Mexican Sessions (Remix)

Published Audio,
CD. Collision: Cause Of Chapter 3


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