Dar Beida 04

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Abderrahim Akkaoui, Pat Jabbar
Music (chill-out, rai, trance)
Africa, Northern
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May 17, 2003
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 Dar Beida 04
Dar Beida 04 © Barraka El Farnatshi Prod.


Soundtrack for Casablanca nights

Dar Beida 04, the new project of the Moroccan artists Ahderrahim Akkaoui and Pat Jabbar, combines trance rhythms, chill-out sounds, rai and traditional Moroccan music.
´Dar Beida´ is the Arabic name for Casablanca. 04 pertains to the borough where night life flourishes, and Impiria is the old heart of the city. Dar Beida 04 is a new project from Abderrahim Akkaoui and Pat Jabbar,. The first record appeared in April, was called ´Impiria Consequential´ and was made up of 14 pieces, which offer more meetings than a night in Bar Beida 04. The performers are Nina Hagen, Sapho, Natacha Atlas, Abdullah Shahadi, B-Net Marrakech, Aisha Al Majjad, Amina Ray, Maha, Amina Annabi, Vicky and Makale. Each guest brings new impulses to the musical basis of Dar Beida 04. Trance rhythms blend with chill-out sounds and traditional Moroccan and Arabic rai-music.
Author: Brigitte Heilmann 


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(18 August 00 - 30 September 00)


taken from the CD "Impiria Consequential"

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