Patravadi Mejudhon

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ambivalence, Buddhism, modernity, religion, taboo, tradition
Performing Arts (theatre)
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July 16, 2003
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Patravadi Mejudhon
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Patravadi - Expressive Thai Artist

The famous Thai actress Patravadi Mejudhon, who is the founder of Patravadi Theatre - Bangkok´s first open-air theatre, is a pioneer in Thailand´s performing arts scene who holds high international standard and maintains Thailand cultural roots.
Patravardi Theatre has a reputation for breaking traditions, accompanying old folk adventures with rock music, or illustrates Buddhist suffering from the dance floor of a discotheque.

Patravadi Mejudhon is a pioneer in the world of Thai theatre, an award-winning actress in movies, television, stage as well as an acclaimed director and playwright.

Patravadi Mejudhon received her training in Thai classical dance and music from an early age. She furthered her education in dramatic arts in England, Los Angeles, New York, Canada and Indonesia. She returned to Bangkok and had introduced many new trends in movies, television and theatre, combining techniques of the east and the west creating a new style of Thai theatre.

Mrs Patravadi advises many local and international events and festivals, and host regular performances in both classical and contemporary theatre based on Thai culture, literature, music and dance.
Author: Karin Bergquist


1992: The legendary actress Patravadi Mejudhon established the company Patravadi Theater.


Soi Wat Rakang

Production / Performance,
Reflects the daily life on a side street in Bangkok through Mozart and classical jazz and rock.


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Article on Patravadi Mejudhon

- by Lasse Nørgaard published in the Danish daily newspaper Jyllandsposten, 17.06.03. (In Danish) - published at the official web site of Images of Asia.

Patravadi Mejudhon in Danish radio

Interview with Patravadi Mejudhon by Torben Brandt for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (partly in Danish) - at the official website of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.