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Japan, Taiwan
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August 24, 2003
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On How to Share Space

Wang Te-Yu creates installations which heighten our perception of space and question how we occupy space by sharing it with other objects. Often simple in colour and form, her works generate different experiences of space using the minimal means.
Wang Te-Yu creates interactive installations which play upon our perception of space and alter our ways of experiencing of artworks. In her early works, she made use of semi-transparent materials, motors and fibre-optic cables to create soft sculptures and also experimented with projecting images onto textile backgrounds to explore the female element ‘yin’.

Wang´s recent works encourage sensory responses, emphasising physical interpretations over visual readings. Often the public is invited to enter works to play, think about and touch them, and so abandon all the usual protocols associated with visiting a gallery space.

Her pieces are characterised by a simplicity in form and colour. Though often employing black and white materials, it is the quality of transparency that interests Wang. She believes that transparency is akin to a type of colour, but that one must appreciate it through senses other than sight. The use of neutral shades enables Wang to withdraw from an overcluttered reality, to avoid points of reference and, most importantly, to allude to a universal world.

Commitment to the purity of form is reflected in the titles of her works and shows, as in the case of her solo exhibition ‘No. 40’ held at the Dimension Endowment of Art, Taipei in 2001. For this show, Wang created an installation by placing a large air-filled structure made from translucent plastic sheets sealed together in the gallery. In other words, a gigantic plastic airbag hovered in the gallery space. Massive yet delicate, imposing yet vulnerable, lumbering yet graceful the piece invited a joyful experience of space, light and form.

Scientific methods are very important to Wang in creating her works. The precision of dimensions must be a key factor, if only because a very similar installation can create an entirely different experience. In a previous work, Wang used thicker plastic sheets to create an airbag which was, in comparison to the space that held it, significantly larger. To enter into the gallery space, visitors had to squeeze their body between the gallery walls and the giant plastic airbag. The effect was one of disconcerting suffocation. By such simple means, Wang’s works prompt questions on how we occupy space by sharing it with other objects and reveals to us how we take our usually untroubled experience of space for granted.

Sources include: ´Dream 02´ catalogue, Red Mansion Foundation, London, 2002


Wang Te-Yu was born in Hsin Chu, Taiwan in 1970. She graduated with a BA in Fine Art in 1993 from the National Institute of the Arts, where she also studied website and graphic design. She has participated in numerous exhibitions, both in Taiwan and abroad. She is a member of Taipei’s famous ‘Shin Le’ art space. She also had a space at the ARCUS studio in Japan in 2000. She is currently conducting research in visual art at the Research Institute of the National Art University in Taipei.



Exhibition / Installation,
2002 ‘Dream 02’, The Red Mansion Foundation, the.gallery@oxo and the Bargehouse, London, UK 2001 ‘Promenade in Asia - CUTE’ Contemporary, Art Center, Art Tower Mito, Japan 2001 ‘Absolute Body’, Main-Trend Gallery, Taipei 2001 ‘Labyrinth of Pleasure’, Art Center, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei 2000 ‘Zero-in’ in Taipei Fine Arts Museum 2000 ‘Sister space / An Exhibition of International Alternative Artists & Arts Organizations’, Southern Exposure, San Francisco 1999 ‘Magnetic Writing / Marching Ideas, Works on Paper’ in IT PARK Gallery, Taipei 1999 ‘You Talk/I Listen’ in Centre d´Art Contemporain de La Ferme du Buisson 1999 ‘Back From Home’ in Bamboo Curtain, Taipei 1998 ‘Imageries of Dazzling Luminaries’, Taiwan Museum of Art 1998 ‘You Talk/I Listen’ in Taipei Fine Arts Museum 1996 ‘1996 Taipei Biennial: The Quest For Identity’, Taipei Fine Arts Museum


Exhibition / Installation,
2001 ‘Wang Te Yu solo exhibition/No.40’ in Dimension Endowment of Art, Taipei 1999 ‘Wang Te Yu solo exhibition/No.32’ in Shin Leh Yuan art space, Taipei 1997 ‘Black installation’ in Dimension Art Center, Taipei 1997 ‘Wang Te Yu solo Exhibition/No. 27’ in IT PARK Gallery, Taipei 1996 ‘Installation for New Opening’ in Cheng Pin Gallery, Taipei 1995 ‘Sculpture of Space’ in Taipei County Cultural Center 1995 ‘Wang Te Yu solo show’ in Shin Leh Yuan art space, Taipei


2000 Artist in Residence, ARCUS Project, Japan
1995 The Third Annual Grand Award of Prix de Paris
1994 The Art Exhibition of Taipei County
1993 The Art Exhibition of Taipei County