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November 18, 2003
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Rostam Mirlashari


Singer and Intercultural Player

Rostam Mirlashari was born in Baluchistan, a province of southeastern Iran. He came to Sweden as a political refugee in 1991 and since then has been active in the Swedish cultural scene, as a musician and a cultural instigator. In 1994 he founded GOLBANG, a worldmusic band with members from Asia, Africa and Europé. Rostam is the groups´singer contributing with a unique vocal technique which marks the musical style of the band. Says the singer of his voive technique:” You have to reach a certain level of emotion, both in sadness and happpiness. You reach these levels by singing and somehow ornamenting the high tones. Simultaneously the freedom to improvise adds to the the feeling. Birds sing high tones – and they fly ! I want to have the same sensation of freddom when I sing.”
Apart form being a musician, Rostam is also active on the cultural field as a producer. He has made it his special mission to bring bands to suburbs to integrate music into different cultures, making it accessible to everybody. With this special project, Rostam blows new life into those areas that previously had little or no cultural activity. His goal is to raise the status of immigrant musicians, often playing to a limited audience and to provide a new platform for world music in Sweden.

As a solo-musician, Rostam has recorded two albums, ”Omit” in 1998 and ”Padik” in 2000. Since then he has worked extensivly with his band Golgbang, recording their first record ”Golbang” in 2000 and releasing their second album ”Saali nó” in 2003.
Author: Annika Salomonsson


Saali nó

Published Audio,
second album with the band Golbang


Published Audio,
with the band Golbang


Published Audio,
Padik in the language of Baluchistan means bell. Collaborating on this album is musician Abdul Rahman Surizahi and violinist Elika Frisell.


Published Audio,
Solo album mixing folk/pop with traditional songs


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Singer Rostam
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