Jafar Panahi

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gender, poverty, urbanity
Film (feature film, short film)
Middle East, America, South
Iran (Islamic Republic of), Brazil
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February 14, 2004
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Jafar Panahi, born in 1960 in Minaneh, studied directing at the Tehran College for Film and TV. He first directed some short films for Iranian TV before he became Abbas Kiarostami’s assistant director on “Through the Olive Trees”. His own films have concentrated on the social dilemma confronting women in modern Iran, a theme he has explored in, for example, “The White Balloon” (1995), “The Mirror” (1997) and “The Circle” (2000). “Crimson Gold” (2003), winner of numerous international awards, portrays how uneasily the rich and poor live side by side in the harsh realities of Tehran. Here too, as so often in Panahi’s films, his neo-realist style intensifies his focus on concerns and issues in contemporary urban life.
Author: House of World Cultures


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