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everyday life, family, pain, women
Performing Arts (performance, theatre)
Written and spoken word (drama)
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January 22, 2004
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Gilla Cremer

Press quotes on Cremer´s M.E.D.E.A

Gilla Cremer lives in Hamburg and has been producing at Kampnagel, Kammerspiele Hamburg and Thalia in der Kunst Halle. Since 1987 she is performing her solo-shows in Germany and abroad.Gilla collaborates with Theater Unikate, a group of freely associated artists and advisors (Stage directing: Michael Heicks, Johannes Kaetzler, Max Eipp. Script writing: Natascha Wodin. Music: Hennes Holz, Jörg Schäffer. Stage design: Peter Brower. Dramaturgy: Dr.Christel Weiler. Production management: Gilla Cremer, Uschi Mierzowski. Technical advice: Achim Koch. Web design: Georg Gess. Photography: Arno Declair. Graphics: Karen Sterrenberg.). Her productions include: Odyssee Embryonale - a foeto-drama, Once I lived based on the novel by Natascha Wodin, Rita – alone against the mafia, The Bitch of Buchenwald, Morrison Hotel and Nightfather by Carl Friedman.
“The grand masterpiece Gilla
Cremer achieves is not only an
association of set pieces from
Medea literature (by Euripides,
Sylvia Plath or even Heiner
Müller), but the portrait of a
woman between composure and
insanity. Superlatives would not
suffice to describe the fantastic
acting by the solo artist Gilla
Cremer.” (Welt)

“Modern Medea does not murder,
she calls a top lawyer. The revenge
myth of the abandoned woman
takes place in real life, but to
express her true feelings with
bloodshed is forbidden by decorum
and the law. Modern day woman‚
like Renate‚ bravely smiles in her
Prada outfit, stylishly sips from her
wineglass and sensibly reasons
about crying, instead of sobbing
and raging with pain and anger,
until...” (HA)

“Cremer serves the audience small
portions of Medea and one´s own
insane way of experiencing life. A
myth becomes human and
celebrates its resurrection. Just as
subtle as it is impressive.” (Mopo)
Author: Odin Teatret



Exhibition / Installation,
Actor: Gilla Cremer, Text and concept: Gilla Cremer Director: Eva-Maria Martin Stage and costume design: Jasmin Andreae Music: Ernst Bechert Assistant director: Uschi Mierzowski Premiere: Kammerspiele Hamburg (2001) CONTENT: A man leaves his partner after twenty years of living together. The couple, open-minded and word-wise in the sense of the 70s spirit, always felt it was superfluous to wed. Now the man marries (!) a younger woman. The abandoned woman, mother of two sons, is unable to express her hate, her sorrow and the sudden fear of becoming old and being alone. She borrows Medea´s voice, rummages among the fund of Medea material to safeguard and cover her tracks in it.


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Roots in Transit IV

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Roots in Transit IV