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July 22, 2003
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Sonia Sabri
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Unique Kathak dance

Sonia Sabri is a British born professional Kathak dancer/choreographer who is steadily gaining an excellent reputation internationally for her unique interpretation of Kathak.
Sonia Sabri is one of Birmingham´s better known Kathak dancers, and her company is always a delight to see.

Her performances are always a dazzling exhibition of skill and grace, with some of the fastest footwork and most graceful hand gestures that you will see.

Offering dancing of exquisite grace, intricacy and excitement, Drishti is a programme of solos and duets, including ´Curve, Gaze, Whip´, a new duet from one of the country´s most outstanding dance-makers - Shobana Jeyasingh; and ´Ayam´ and ´Naari´, two new works choreographed by Sonia Sabri.

Sonia Sabri is a modern British Kathak dancer.

DRISHTI is Sonia Sabri Company´s groundbreaking production in which Kathak is revisited in a digital world. Featuring live music, it offers dancing of exquisite grace, intricacy and excitement. The dancers perform within a responsive digital environment, triggering aural and visual effects that draw the audience into haunting visual interpretations of the choreography. Amongst the brightest and most inspirational of British-born dancers working today, Sonia Sabri is one of a new generation of professional Kathak artists.

Performed by Sonia Sabri and Noni Jenkyn-Jones, who bring virtuoso skill to the mesmerising spins, rapid footwork and detailed hand gestures that characterize Kathak dance, Drishti is a captivating tapestry of human and digital performance.

In the performance ´Drishti´ she combines Kathak dance movements and the traditional music with video projection and electronic sounds.

There is plenty of intricate footwork and very graceful hand gestures, together with the important facial expressions, very fast spins and body sweeps. A Kathak dancer is a narrator, a singer, a mime artist, a dancer and actor all rolled into one, and we see the lot.
Author: Karin Bergquist


Sonia Sabri regularly teaches and leads workshops and residencies.

She has performed at several festivals, including Royal Festival Hall.



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