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September 1, 2003
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Ganesh Anandan
Ganesh Anandan. Courtesy of the artist


Statement of the artist for the «Postcard Project» of the House of World Cultures ´Double/Multiple identity in music & life! I am a South Indian percussionist / composer / improviser / instrument builder who immigrated to Canada 25 years ago. I am presently living a half/half existence on many levels. Music is an evolutive medium. I seem to have evolved from Indian classical Karnatic music to someone who doesn´t necessarily represent "India" when I play/compose music. It is a very complex issue to explain in 5-7 sentences however please see my website (linked further down).´ Ganesh Anandan, 2007 The percussionist, composer and instrument-maker Ganesh Anandan was born in the south of India in Bangladore, the centre of Hindu Karnatic music as well as the Indian software industry. From early childhood on, he was taught traditional classical music - the bamboo-flute by G. Venugopal and the two-headed drum mrdangam by K.K. Parthsarthy. After receiving his university degree in the mid-70s, Ganesh Anandan moved to Canada, where he explored classical western music, Cuban and Brazilian rhythms and Indonesian Gamelan music both in theory and practice at the piano. He maintained and deepened his musical ties to his homeland through periods of study under T.N. Shashikumar at the Karnataka College of Percussion, where he learnt to play the tavil, a two-headed cylindrical drum, and the tambourine kanjira. He also spent a lot of time exploring percussion instruments from various cultures. He was taught the bodhran and tar by Glen Velez, the tammurriata and tammurrelo by Allessandra Belloni and had lessons with Carlo Rizzo, who were also partners in his trio ´FingerWorks´. Ganesh Anandan has received grants from the Canadian Arts Council and the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec and has launched various projects, including ´Espace Shruti´, which he worked on with the sculptor Pascal Dufaux. Specially designed instruments based on the 22 intervals of the microtonal Indian scale are integrated into a sculptural work of architecture, which also provides space for a performance. Ganesh Anandan works at transferring the rhythmic notions and percussive techniques of the south of India onto the tambourine, drums and various resonance surfaces. His dynamic style of playing is a unique blend of the classical Karnatic style with the North African and Persian traditions enhanced by a set of hand- and finger-techniques which he has himself developed.
Author: Gabriele Stiller-Kern


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Ganesh Anandan/© Barbara Fahle
Postcard from Ganesh Anandan