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May 26, 2003
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Drama on the volcano of the Balkans

The Macedonian drama group Naroden Teater from Kumanovo has been concerned for the last ten years with the horror of life in its homeland in the Balkans and uses unconventional directors and texts.
Narodon Teater from Kumanovo is one of the liveliest Macedonian drama groups. Over the last ten years it has faced the horrors of life in Macedonia and the Balkans and often invited unconventional directors to stage innovative dramas with it. The latest of these was ´Raskol´ (Division), written by Vladimir Plavlevski, staged by the Croatian director Branko Brezovec and showing a woman faced by the Balkan war. Brezovec squeezed the atmosphere of trauma into a very small space, bringing performers and viewers unusually close together.
Author: Brigitte Heilmann 


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Blue Stage

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(18 August 00 - 30 September 00)