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May 23, 2003
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Anger in words

Intik blends traditional Algerian melodies with rap and reggae to express in songs the anger of rebels and uprooted folk living under unbearable conditions.
As students violently protest in the autumn of 1988 against the increasingly oppressive power of the state, members of the group were between 10 and 14 years old. But since then they have kept their anger and put it into words and rhythms. Intik - Rédha Chetoui, Youcef Seddas, Nabil Bouaiche and Samir Djoudi - live in the land of rai and chaabi but play rap and reggae. The youngest generation of Algerian musicians blends the melodies of their homeland with the global sounds of rebels and uprooted folk. ´Intik´ is Algerian slang for ´no problem´, which is the quartet´s cynical answer to the problems in their homeland.

”... Algeria under bombs;
in the boroughs fear is rife.
If we carry on like this,
there´ll soon be no more life.
Let´s move on together,
take the first step to freedom...”
Author: Brigitte Heilmann  


La Victoire

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Published Audio,
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