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June 8, 2007
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 Alina Rudnitskaya


Documenting Russia

Rudnitskaya made her first steps as a filmmaker working as an Assistant Director at the St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio.
Already her first movies were very well received, both in Russia and internationally.
She was also involved in working for one of the major St. Petersburg TV stations - made a film series on a Russian pop group TATU.
It is characteristic for Rudnitskaya´s documentaries that they are not only showing the sacrificial facts and conditions, but are also very much focused on showing the internal life of presented people.
Author: Aleksandra Halicka


Alina Rudnitskaya (b. 1976, Zaozernyj, near Murmansk, Russian Federation). In 1997 she graduated from the Academy of Aerospace Engineering in St. Petersburg. Within the years of 1997-2001 attended the University of Culture and Arts, Department of Film Directing, St. Petersburg. Her work has been shown worldwide (Leipzig, Madrid, Gdansk, Oberhausen, St. Petersburg, Tampere). She lives and works in St.Petersburg.


Selected fims:

Film / TV,
"Letter" "Living Together" "Dating Service" "Vishnevskaya and Rostropovich" "Amazons" "Village Lessons" "Civil Status"