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Serbia and Montenegro
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May 14, 2003
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Gabriel Glid
Gabriel Glid


Sculpture as an event

Gabriel Glid is a sculptor based in Belgrade. He works in metal, glass and wood and has exhibited mostly in Yugoslavia with a number of international shows in recent years. He has won several awards in his country and is recognised as one of the leading exponents of the Yugoslav visual arts scene.
Yugoslavian artist Gabriel Glid was born in Belgrade where he studied at Faculty of Fine Art, completing his postgraduate studies in 1994. One of the generation of artists who suffered from isolation within the European and global art scene during the 1990s, Glid nevertheless managed to maintain his production on a high professional level and is recognised as one of the leading exponents on the Yugoslav visual arts scene.

Gabriel Glid is a sculptor, working in metal, glass and wood. He has exhibited widely in Yugoslavia, participating in over 50 group exhibitions since 1990 and is starting to show elsewhere in Europe. Glid was included in the ArtLink International Youth Art show in 2003 which toured to Tel Aviv, Amsterdam and Moscow. He participates in the Lulea Summer Biennial in Sweden in 2003. He has shown at the SULUJ Gallery in Belgrade and was part of the ´Sculpture 1950-2000´ exhibition at the Contemporary Art Museum in Belgrade. He attended the World Championships in ice sculpture at Lulea, Sweden in 2000. He has had solo exhibitions at galleries in Belgrade, Sarajevo, Pancevo and Singapore.

Glid has gained recognition through several awards in his own country, receiving the ´Golden Chisel´ at the Belgrade autumn exhibition in 1994 and the award for sculpture at the Gornji Milanovac Miniature Biennial in 2000. His works are held in a number of private collections.

In 2001 Gabriel Glid was invited to attend the International Art Workshop ´Glass´ at the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Pancevo. A partnership with The Glass Industry, the workshop encourages artists to work with sheet glass and other industrial materials. Glid used automobile glass panels and test tubes, combining glass with wood and working on the surface to create new work such as ´Organic´. This striking statement about the contradictions between nature and science uses dozens of test tubes lined up as in a chemistry laboratory.

Gabriel Glid was shortlisted for the Visiting Arts/Spike Island International Fellowship in 2001 on the nomination of Darka Radosavljevic at Remont independent artist association. She has written about his work: ´Sculpture as an event - sculpture as finding ways for material to occupy and/or settle and/or shape space - sculpture as useless object/sculpture as a designed object/sculpture as a short story in space, a trigger from unsigned into the signed, an intimate story - a linear structure, a diachronic structure, entropy - an intimate space as the realisation of the possibility of different choices in relation to the standardising which the spectacle of public-ness produces.´
Author: Judith Staines


Gabriel Glid was born in Belgrade in 1966. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Art at Belgrade University in 1992 and completed his postgraduate studies there in 1994. He has participated in over 50 group exhibitions and had seven solo shows, mostly in Yugoslavia. He was awarded the ´Golden Chisel´ at the Belgrade autumn exhibition in 1994 and the award for sculpture at the Gornji Milanovac Miniature Biennial in 2000.
From April 2004 to March 2005 he was Lecturer and Co-ordinator of the Scultpure course at Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts.



Exhibition / Installation,
2005 Sleeping Beauty, Clearance Sale, Front.Room.Gallery, Singapore 2003 Gallery of Contemporary Art, Pancevo 2000 Zvono Gallery, Belgrade 1995 Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade


Exhibition / Installation,
2003 Lulea Summer Biennial, Sweden 2003 ArtLink, IYA/International Youth Art, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, Moscow 2000 ´Welcome understanding´, Contemporary Yugoslav Art, Bratislava, Slovakia 1997 ´Visible-Invisible´, Contemporary Yugoslav Art, Helexpo, Thessaloniki, Greece 1994 2nd Biennial Cetinje, Montenegro


2000 Award for sculpture, Biennial of miniature art, Gornji Milanovac
1994 Award for sculpture, Spring Exhibition, Belgrade
1991 Award for sculpture in metal, Academy of Fine Arts Award


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Spike Island International Fellowship 2001

(01 April 01 - 31 August 01)



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