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As a sociologist, new media expert, activist whose work is focused on free culture, digital technologies and media convergence Tarkowski knows very well that "common" doesn´t mean "for everyone". Not yet.
Tarkowski is a co-founder and the public leader of Creative Commons Poland. His interests are mostly focused on how the Internet influences society´s and its users´ life. In his works Tarkowski studies Internet as a social platform, researches different forms of communities existing in the web or thanks to the web.

In one of his articles ("Wszystko mi mówi, ze ja siec pokocham" published by "Gazeta Wyborcza") he says that "Internet may be a dangerous competition for the classical ways of popularizing culture. Nevertheless, it may also be a chance to benefit for the artists, supposedly being robbed by the net pirates" which stays in a close relation to his work at CC and the way he perceives the medium.
Author: Aleksandra Halicka


Alek Tarkowski was born 1977 in Poland. Graduated from the Collegiums of the Interdepartmental Individual Studies in the Humanities (Collegiums MISH) at the University of Warsaw Currently (2007) he is a PhD student in sociology at the Department of Sociology of the Central-European University and the Center for Social Studies in Warsaw. His thesis is based on the studies on the ways people use and imagine the internet.
Tarkowski is a co-founder and the Public Leader of Creative Commons Poland. He is also a member of McLuhan Program Media and Technology at the University of Toronto.


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