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Chandrashekhar Narvekar
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July 28, 2003
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N. Chandra (Chandrashekhar Narvekar) (born 1952) apprenticed under Gulzar as assistant and film editor. A key director of the late 1980s’ Hindi mainstream cinema, Chandra’s breakthrough film was Ankush (1985), often seen as a propaganda vehicle for Maharashtra’s chauvinist Shiv Sena movement. By and large, Chandra portrays urban criminality and violent revenge, using a jagged, fast tempo editing style and a garish, realistic mise-en-scène, as in Pratighaat (1987) and Tejaswini. His major hit to date, Tezaab (1988), replays the Ramayana narrative of unjust exile to narrate the situation of a criminalized youth. Thereafter, Chandra seems to lose his way. Lack of success pushed him to greater diversity, as with his recent film, Style, a campus romance-cum-mystery film.
Author: House of World Cultures


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