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June 10, 2003
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Drama of credibility

Since 1996 Natasa Rajkovic and Bobo Jelcic have been writing and directing works to put the madness of everyday life in Croatia on stage. They are among the stars of the European avant-garde drama-scene.
They are presently among the shooting stars of the European avant-garde drama-scene.: Bobo Jelcic und Natasa Rajkovic from Zagreb. Since 1996 they have been writing and directing plays with the aim of adapting wholly normal (everyday) madness for the stage. Through very direct and intense work with actors, they are looking for credible contemporary alternatives to classical and conceptual forms of drama. In their two most recent productions, which won several Croatian awards, ´Usporavanja´ (Slow Down´) and ´Nesigurna prica´ (An uncertain Tale), they used simple props in exploring life in the theatre and the theatre in life.
Author: Brigitte Heilmann 


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