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New Dawn Artists
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November 4, 2003
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Sophia Kaushal
An actress and a dancer - experienced from camera work (TV and film). Dances Indian dances (Khathak, Bharathnathyam, Indian folk dance, contemporary dance and African dance. Part of artist collective New Dawn Artists.


Rising star from the East emerges in the North

Even in the times where she was a student at the controversial Nordic Black Theater Theater School, Sophia enraptured audiences with her performances. In her graduation project, she starred in the weighty intellectual "Confessions At Dawn", showing her ability to master long monologues. The success of the project was carried over to her homeland India, where the piece made a strong impression upon it´s audiences.
Her beauty and talent were spotted by NRK and she starred with a guest appearance in the award winning Norwegian television series "Ninni." Her portrayal of a pop singer caught in a cultural and artistic dilemma captured the hearts of Norwegian audiences. Director Nils Gaup, was impressed by her focus and savvy at adapting to working with a large and varied cast.

Soon Sophia was offered other projects, giving her the opportunity to shine to the world with her many talents. A professional of classical Indian dance, she showed her choreographic flair in choreographing dance and fire performances for Jon Poindexter´s New Dawn Artists. In the theater piece "Tatar", which has shocked and revolutionized Norwegian institutional theater, she turned the choreography scheme completely upside down with her classical dance performance as a mystical gypsy apparition. "She is so beautiful that she stops the entire show," commented one actor of her Tatar performance.

Not a newcomer to the big screen, she is now stars as Chan in the full length film "22" premiering in Norway this fall.

Sophia is being currently courted for several stage and screen projects with various major and independent theater companies. At the time her main project is "Samskara Jyoti" an original stage menage of dance, theater, performance, music, film and Moliare together with Jon Poindexter´s New Dawn Artists. Sophia is also developing a performance for the fall with the Norwegian master of morbid theater Lars Øyno.

In between these projects, she is working on her Masters Degree in Theater Fine Arts at Oslo University, and developing her own manuscript for a major length film. Sophia is also developing a new style of Indian Classical Dance using elements from Kathak, a dance form from Northern India, Sophia´s native home and Barathnatyum, from South India, the paradise where Sophia loves to go to take time off from her career and studies.

Currently residing in Oslo, Sophia is interested in reading scripts and discussing projects worldwide for film, television and theater. She welcomes projects and assignments as a actress, dancer, choreographer and fashion model. She is also interested in meetings with international production and distribution companies about her own film project.


In the midst of directing her first feature films, Kaushals previous wide range working experinece includes theatre companies like Teatret Vårt (Molde), Oslo Nye Teater, Torshovteatret and Nordic Black Theatre. Among her roles, she has acted in "Tater" directed Per Olav Sørensen, for Oslo Nye Teater, "Poesier" directed by Lars Øyno for Grusomhetens Teater and "Legenden om Ouagadou" directed by Rolf A. Lund for Torshovteatret. She had the role as Chan (main role) in the Norwegian feature film "22" and the role as Nayab (main role) in the feature film "Drømmelandet" (directed by Khalid Hussain).


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