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September 19, 2007
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Please note: This page has not been updated since September 30, 2007. We decided to keep it online because we think the information is still valuable.
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Power of Culture

SantralIstanbul is a new cultural centre in Istanbul, a project of the Bilgi University, which opened in September 2007.
The Silahtara?a power station was the first to be built in Istanbul in the Ottoman period (1911). Since its decommissioning in 1983, it has been renovated by Bilgi University into a centre for arts and culture under the name SantralIstanbul.
The building is one of Istanbul´s landmark post-industrial spaces, standing on the tip of the Golden Horn and covering 118,000 sqm.
It has been naturally compared to the Tate Modern in London, particularly as it aims to impact on the social regeneration of derelict industrial areas around it. However, rather than reusing the old industrial building’s shell, the complex includes a new, purpose built contemporary art museum over four-storeys (comprising 7,500 sqm), residency facilities for artists, a library and a museum of energy. This new build was collaboratively designed by three Istanbul-based architects. There is also concert halls and a 7,000 seat open-air theatre.
One of the project’s principal objectives is creating an interface for interdisciplinary exchange and dialogue through residency and exchange programmes in the fields of culture, arts and new media.
SantralIstanbul is one of several projects organised in Istanbul in preparation for the 2010 European Capital of Culture programme: three other internationally acclaimed museums and a number of cultural centres have also been opened.
Author: Adam Jeanes


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Santral Istanbul

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