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Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium
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October 17, 2003
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 Odin Teatret


A Legendary Theatre

Tradition and Transformation upheld

Odin Teatret is a base for performances, research, pedagogical activity, intercultural and interdisciplinary networking as well as being a meeting point for actors and artists from all over the world. Pedagogical activity takes place in form of seminars, workshops, courses and meetings. Odin Teatret offers scheduled performances within their wide historic repertiore, hosts a library and publishing house as well much Odin History documented on film. In Odin Teatrets case , theatre becomes a performative process whcih involves an entire milieu or community or "transformance". Theatre becomes an active force that can revitalise a community, uncovering the hidden bonds and the socialising cultural process which characterise it. The Odin actors are Kai Bredholt, Roberta Carreri, Jan Ferslev, Tage Larsen, Else Marie Laukvik, Augusto Omulú, Iben Nagel Rasmussen, Julia Varley, Torgeir Wethal and Frans Winther under the artistic direction of Odin Teatrets founder Eugenio Barba.
Author: Annika Salomonsson


Odin Teatret was founded in Oslo in 1964 and has been based in Holstebro, Denmark since 1966. Odin Teatret has had the status as a self-governing institution since 1984. Eighteen people make up the permanent salaried staff which includes actors, technicians and adminsitration. Eugenio Barba has been Odin Teatret´s
director since its founding.


Andersen´s Dream

Production / Performance,
Odin Teatret’s is currently touring with Andersen’s Dream. The touring performance will seek to relate some of the fairytales of Hans Christian Andersen to events in his life, while exploring the question, ´What kind of life do we live, when we stop dreaming?´ In Andersen´s Dream, a group of friends depart on a pilgrimage into the regions of Andersen´s fairy tales. Eugenio Barba taps into what Andersen called "the anarchy of the fairytale" when presenting his performances as an "evil and immoral tour guide”, upsetting the audience´s sense of judgement and security. The production has already travelled to Denmark, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Spain and Yugoslavia, with the French premiere scheduled for 2006


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Black/North SEAS

The SEAS Platform 2008-2010

(02 December 05 - 31 December 10)

Roots in Transit IV

Women´s International Theatre Festival and Meeting

(15 January 04 - 25 January 04)


Odin Teatret

Odin Teatret in Holstebro, Denmark
Odin Teatret celebrates 30 years
Andersen´s Dream

Roots in Transit IV

Roots in Transit IV - A Women´s Festival and Meeting held at Odin Teatret, Denmark. Dates: January 15-25, 2004.
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Performing Artists in Roots in Transit IV

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