Abolfazl Jalili

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Film (docu-fiction, short film)
Middle East
Iran (Islamic Republic of), Israel
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February 14, 2004
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Abolfazl Jalili started making films while still a teenager. Born in 1957 in Saveh, he studied directing at the Iranian College of Dramatic Arts. After shooting his short film “The Sacrifice”, he directed his first full-length feature film “Milad” in 1983. His 1994 film “Det Means Girl” won prizes both in Venice and Nantes. His works mix a variety of elements - documentary and feature films, reality and fiction - into new, complex forms. His films are often labelled daring and provocative, not only because he deals with tabooed topics, for instance, drug addiction and war, but also for his avoidance of conventional endings. His prize-winning film “Don” (1998) confronts his audience with the issue of child labour, while “Delbaran” (2001) describes the fate of a young boy fleeing from Afghanistan into an Iranian border town.
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Film / TV,
Feature film. Iran/Japan

Gol ya pooch - Full or Empty

Film / TV,
Feature film. Iran. Script and Direction


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